Political analysis podcasting like you’ve never heard before.

Who needs human political commentary? Scripts for Great Political Thinking 2020 are generated by a machine learning model (GPT-2) and then performed, edited, and produced for your listening pleasure.

"You don’t think everything’s going to be on the board the whole time, but that kind of means you’re always in a position to." -- Michael Barbaro


Episode 5: A Silver Bullet and a Healing Spray

In this installment we examine Warren and Sanders' positions post Nevada and Super Tuesday. Bernie claims to have the backing of the Democratic party, while Warren seems to have pivoted to an unusual social media strategy. How will this affect the 2020 campaign?

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Episode 4: A Woman Who Travels On A Bicycle

We crunge together the latest polling results after the recent Democratic debate and consider just why Pete Buttigieg might have found himself in the headscratchers that he found himself in.

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Episode 3: A Few Letters, One Story

The story of Michael Collins and his effort to spread the word on voting, civic participation, and his relationship to the issue of Bill Clinton’s accountability.

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Episode 2: The Difference A Judge Makes

Michael, Michael, and Michael dive into the impeachment investigations, discuss the concept of recall and bias, and ultimately whether or not we’ll ever hear from Mick Mulvaney.

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Episode 1: The Trouble With Undecided Voters

Christina and I reflect on the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders' campaign: we take a look at his recent events in Nevada, delve into Reuters/Ipsos polling methodology, and finally consider the central question: do undecided voters think we have it right?

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